Minimal and exquisite

Customised Jewellery

With our handmade collection, customise your magnificent persona to add transcendent bling to your charm. Every piece is infused with beauty, relevance, and wearability.

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Buckle up

Shoe Accessories

Accessories that are created with love, only to deliver charisma artistically. Embrace your eccentricity with the accessories that expresses luxury with your distinct individuality, creativity, and identity.

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World of Insane & Co.



Each product Made by fine artisans who are the backbone of Insane & Co. Our master jewelers each hold decades of experience in both traditional and modern design and manufacturing. Our professional design team will bring your vision to life and develop it with the utmost care and affection for you, Craftsmanship is deeply rooted in our work, ensuring each and every new piece which exits our facility hold perfection as the last has.


We use the best materials in precious metals and natural stones to match the level of product quality and craftsmanship imbued into each insane & co.